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Tips for Freelance Graphic Design

designTips for Freelance Graphic Design

Graphic design degrees are steadily growing in popularity, but very few college degrees give a good, practical background for running one’s own business. There are a few things to learn, the basics of which can be found at the Small Business Administration, but here are some bare bones basics to get you well on your way.

Having a good workspace that contributes to your creative process is also essential. Whether it’s a spare room in your house or a rented office space, you must have a studio in which to work and store your finished pieces and supplies. Many art supplies are toxic to animals and small children, and distractions can be toxic to your creativity, so having a workspace set aside is an absolute necessity. Be sure that the workspace in question has plenty of light, both artificial and natural, as you must be able to see how your artwork will appear under various lighting conditions. Decent studio furniture is a must as well, nothing wrecks concentration quite like back pain from a bad stool or poorly designed drafting table. Last but not least, having a workspace set aside can help train your mind to start generating ideas when you enter your studio. Keeping the studio separate from where you go to goof off is vital for many professional artists and graphic designers.

While it doesn’t pay to be penny wise and pound foolish in business, as all business is an investment risk by its very nature, it’s still a good idea to find creative ways to minimize costs. Finding economical work space, cheap supplies, and creative marketing are all absolutely essential to running a business of any kind in today’s world. The studio space you’ll have to find on your own, but the following tips can greatly assist in the rest of your needed components.

Choosing a good, inexpensive art supply store is key to making a living as a graphic designer. You’ll need to find ways to get both quality mediums and art papers. Because your business is almost entirely built off of these supplies, finding the right company to partner with is essential to the long term growth and success of your business. If, however, your graphic design is more computer oriented, of course getting a hold of the latest in computer graphics programs and enough hardware to run them is also important. In purchasing computer equipment, it actually does pay to get the latest and greatest, as it will probably continue to serve your needs for much, much longer.

Who Can Provide Freelance Graphic Design Training?

Graphic design trainings are offered by different institutions, even online. Yet, it never means every institution has the same credibility. Check out the background details of the institutions as well as their faculty members before admission.

If the schedule of the class is clashing with your work schedule, and it is difficult to maintain both of them simultaneously, opt for online class. Online Graphic design courses are offered by experienced designers. Devote sufficient time for these courses, and become a successful designer after graduating the course. To make the best use of your time and money, you should check out the reviews of online courses. Trust experts’ reviews to know which online designing course is ideal for you. Whether it is an online course or a traditional classroom course, a certificate of graduation is necessary if you want to start a profession as a freelance designer. So, it is better to opt for registered institutions.

What is Special about Freelance Graphic Design?

A full-time designer and a freelance designer may possess the same skill sets, they might do the same work, but there is a difference. The difference is in their mode of working. Freelance design is little special owing to its mode of work. Therefore, the training for freelance designers needs to be a little different.

To build a successful career as a freelance designer, you should also understand the importance of deadline. Freelance designers should know how to complete their work within the stipulated deadline.

Discipline is also important if you intend to be successful. Freelancers mostly work from homes, and so it is really important for them to fix up a schedule for their work. Without a schedule, it will never be possible to complete a project on time.

To be a successful designer, you should first work on the basics of graphic design.

Of course, for most graphic designers contracts do not start rolling in just because you hung out your shingle as a freelancer. For this reason many graphic designers take a job with a design firm for a few years before trying to fly solo, but even if this course is taken, marketing is still a vital continual endeavor. You must be known as an independent, freelance artist before you can expect to get contracts. Getting a professional account on a website like Deviant Art, which provides an online gallery space and an account option allowing you to sell prints through them, is an integral strategy to many graphic design freelancers. ETSY is another website that allows freelance artists to sell their original works in an environment tailored for handmade art appreciation. Most graphic designers don’t place their works in brick and mortar galleries, as those are generally reserved for fine art, but offering subcontractor services to interior design companies can be another way to get your name and reputation known.

Everybody likes value added services, and your clients are no exception. Offering packages for promotional bags or other items already imprinted with your client’s logo or blazon takes stress from them, makes you easier to work with, and will probably get you repeat business. Of course, using these items with your own logo imprinted on them is a good advertising idea as well.

By using these strategies, keeping an open and creative mind, and with a bit of business planning and luck, your graphic design career should take off like a rocket. Good luck.

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